Clear Aligners

Perfect your smile with clear, custom-made aligners. Offering a nearly invisible and comfortable alternative to traditional braces, they effectively align your teeth for a confident look. 

Depending on your orthodontic needs, a custom treatment plan will be made for you after a 3-Dimensional scan of your teeth. Green Valley Dental Care (GVDC) offers a variety of clear aligner options to suit simple to complex teeth movement(s)

Fillings and Crowns

Transform Your Smile

Boost your self-confidence with clear aligner braces. At GVDC, our main goal is to see you leave our clinic with a healthier smile that makes you feel more self-assured every time.

Faster Than Braces 

Clear Aligners utilize advanced 3D technology to precisely plan and predict tooth movements, allowing for efficient, targeted adjustments throughout the treatment process, leading you to your best smile quicker than ever before.

More Comfortable

Say goodbye to metal brackets and wires! Clear aligners are custom-made from smooth, BPA-free plastic, eliminating the discomfort associated with traditional braces. The aligners are also removable so you can still enjoy your favorite foods without restrictions.

How Clear Aligners Work

Something to Smile About

Schedule a Consultation

The process begins by scheduling a complimentary consultation where the appropriate clear aligner therapy is discussed. Then, after a care plan is agreed upon, we create a comprehensive digital 3D scan of your teeth, creating a precise and detailed treatment plan.

Start Wearing Your Custom-Made Aligners

Based on the treatment plan, a series of clear, custom-made aligners are created. Each set of aligners is worn for approximately one week, gently and progressively guiding the teeth into the prescribed positions.

Attend Regular Doctor Check-ins

Throughout the treatment process, patients periodically switch to the next set of aligners. Regular check-ups with the orthodontic professional ensure that the treatment is progressing as planned.

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"The amazing patient care exhibited by Green Valley Dental truly sets a standard in the dental community. I was met with compassion, understanding, and warmth from the very first moment I walked in the door at Green Valley Dental. Having extreme anxiety caused me to avoid care and led to quite the decline in my dental health, but Dr. Kloek and his staff took every step imaginable to ease my nerves and deliver the help I needed. Every single option for my care was explained to me thoroughly, allowing me to be in complete control over my dental health and well-being. I was able to see a breakdown of my insurance coverages and the potential out-of-pocket costs BEFORE making future appointments, and Dr. Kloek made sure that I had the final say in my care and allowed me to create an educated plan that fit my own financial situation. My experience at Green Valley Dental not only changed my opinion on going to the dentist, but also changed my life... They truly saved my smile!"

Dashawn S.

Our experience at Green Valley Dental Care was amazing! I brought two of our kids in for their first cleaning, and the staff was absolutely incredible! The front desk staff, dental hygienists, and Dr Kloek were so friendly and good with the kids! I didn't know what to expect for their first visit to the dentist, but my kids were laughing and smiling, and had such a great time. They look forward to going back! I'm so glad that their first dentist experience was a positive one! I can't thank the Green Valley Dental Care team enough for the friendly, knowledgeable, and professional care they provided! We will be life long customers!


I met with Morgan, a hygienist at Green Valley Dental Care, for my semi-annual prophylaxis treatment. She was outstanding. Thorough, conscientious, careful, and informative. She knew I was anxious and mitigated my anxiety by talking with me a lot, thereby, distracting me. Highly recommend this dental clinic and Morgan!


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