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Get Affordable Dental Services With Our Financing Options

At GVDC, we offer a variety of financing options for your healthy smile. 

Get Affordable Dental Services With Our Financing Options


Do you have questions about our services, processes, financing options, and more? See some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers below.

Do we take insurance, and if the patient does not have insurance, what are GVDC's savings or discount options?

We are in network with a variety of dental insurance plans, including all those under the Premier Dental Group. Our insurance specialist works with our patients to verify coverage and eligibility. We offer Dental Savings Plans and Senior Savings Plans for those patients without traditional dental insurance.

How experienced is Dr. Kloek with dental implants?

Dr. Kloek has placed dozens of implants here at Green Valley Dental Care. Using 3D x-rays and digital scanning, each patient will have an implant consultation and a care plan will be reviewed to ensure the best possible implant placement outcome.

Is Dr. Kloek "kid friendly?"

Yes! We see patients of all ages here at Green Valley Dental Care.

Does Dr. Kloek offer sedation or nitrous?

Yes! We offer nitrous oxide (relaxing gas) for all dental appointments.

Does Dr. Kloek do orthodontic work?

Yes! We offer complimentary consultations to discuss clear aligner orthodontic options.

How do you pronounce Dr. Kloek's last name?

Kloek is pronounced "clock" like a clock on the wall.

Do you submit claims to my insurance company?

In almost all cases, we will submit your insurance claim on your behalf and work with your insurance company to complete your claim. Statements with any balance due are sent following insurance claims payment. In some instances, we may require payment at date-of-service.

Do you send pre-treatment estimates or authorizations?

Even though many prodecures do not require a prior authorization, or pre-treatment estimate, we send these on behalf of our patients so that we both have a more accurate idea of what the patient portion of a procedure may be. These estimates sometimes take many weeks to process, so we recommend sending them sooner than later.

How do we know if you are in network or not?

We are in network with over a dozen insurances, therefore the most accurate way to find out that we are in the network is by looking up network dentists on the insurance website or by calling the customer service number on the back of the insurance card.

What options do you offer for teeth whitening?

We are able to make custom whitening trays in our office for your whitening needs. Custom trays make for a more comfortable whitening experience, and the gel included with these trays will help you achieve your desired shade.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, we are accepting new patients, however, in order to reserve time for our existing patients, we schedule new patients far in the future. Our new patients value the high quality servies we provide and often report that the wait is understandable.

Do you see dental emergencies?

We see dental emergencies for our existing patients.

Do I have to fill out my paperwork?

For liability reasons, we require all patients to complete a *new* medical and dental history annually. We also require our registration and HIPAA forms to be updated annually. There are additional forms that may be required depending on the procedure. You may arrive early to your dental appointment to complete the required forms, or you may print them from our website and bring them to your appointment. If you are unsure of what forms are needed for your appointment we would be happy to check for you.

Will I have x-rays at my dental appointment?

We recommend a full set of dental x-rays (18 images) every 5 years and an annual set of x-rays (called bitewings) for all of our patients. Depending on your x-ray history, age, and appointment, you may have x-rays at your visit. We require all patients to stay up to date with dental x-rays so that we may provide the best care possible.

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