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Sedation Dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Anxiety in anticipation of visiting the dentist (so-called “dental phobia”) is very common.  You should not be embarrassed nor should you feel guilty if this term describes how you feel before a dental visit.  Fortunately, there is an easy solution.  Dr. Bakkum is trained and licensed in the delivery of non-intravenous conscious sedation.  Dr. Kloek will work with Dr. Bakkum for patients that desire sedation.Patient Using Dental Sedation

There are multiple levels of sedation available, from mild anxiolysis (reduction in anxiety) to conscious sedation that can completely eliminate anxiety and most to all memory of the experience.  With careful pre-planning, it is even possible to provide this type of assistance for your initial examination visit.

If you have anxiety about your dental visit, and especially if your anxiety is strong enough to keep you from seeking the care that you need, please mention this to one of our competent staff when you make your first phone call.  We can guide you through the steps that will allow you to conquer this problem once and for all!

The techniques employed at our office are extremely safe. Dr. Kloek and Dr. Bakkum are very sensitive to patients who are extremely apprehensive about receiving dental care. Our office features the medical equipment and medications necessary to safely and effectively administer conscious sedation to patients.

We also serve the Minong, WI and Shell Lake, WI areas!

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